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Six Months to Plan Your Wedding: The Checklist

(G) = Duty for the Groom
(B) = Duty for the Bride
(G, B) = Duty for either, or both the Groom & Bride to do Together

Month 1 …Congratulations on your engagement!

(G, B) Begin to compile a master wedding list of everyone you and your fiancée want to invite to the big event.

(G, B) Select all suppliers – florist, photographer, videographer, baker, stationer, hairdresser, and musicians.

(G, B) Invite clergy to perform wedding ceremony.

(G, B) Set up schedule with clergy for marriage counseling.

(B) Shop for a wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses.

(G, B) Reserve a block of hotel rooms you may need for out-of-town guests.

Month 2

(G, B) Finalize selection of suppliers.

(G, B) Meet with management of selected reception site to choose the menu.

(B) Meet with the florist.

(G, B) Complete the invitation list.

(B) Anticipate all hair and nail appointments for you (the bride), your bridal party, and the special ladies in your life (your mother, future mother-in-law, etc.) – make the appointments now and as needed.

(G) Make hotel reservations for wedding night and arrange for the “get-away transportation” following the wedding reception.

(G, B) Pick out the wedding attire for the groom and groomsmen. Write a letter informing them about the chosen rental shop, its location, the cost, how to be measured, etc.

Month 3

(G, B) Decide when to put the engagement announcement in the newspaper(s) and complete the forms. Engagement photo should be taken.

(G, B) Mail out the “hotel letter” to out of town guests.

(G, B) Order wedding invitations and bride’s stationery.

(G, B) Register at preferred retailers.

(G, B) Make guest lists for parties. Purchase hosts gifts as needed.

(B) Select gifts for your bridesmaids and house party.

(G) Select gifts for your groomsmen and ushers.

(G, B) Put engagement announcement in newspaper(s). Deliver forms, checks and pictures to newspaper.

(G, B) Review the band’s song list and discuss what song you want played for the “first dance”, “father/daughter dance”, “mother/son dance”, etc.

(G, B) Select the music to be played at the wedding ceremony.

Month 4

(G, B) Decide the format for the wedding program.

(G, B) Meet with the baker to make a decision on the bride and groom’s cakes.

(G, B) Decide if you want to have “gift baskets” for out of town guests.

(G, B) Shop for wedding rings.

(G, B) Address all wedding invitations and purchase stamps.

(G, B) Make appointment for the wedding portrait to be taken.

(G, B) Make out the rehearsal dinner guest list.

(G, B) Finalize plans with the reception management, florist, etc.

Month 5

(G, B) The wedding invitations need to be mailed.

(B) Begin writing “thank you” notes.

(G, B) Decide who will sit in the reserved seating and include this information in the invitations.

(G, B) Decide what you want thrown at you as you leave the reception (i.e. bird seed, bubbles, rose petals, etc.).

(G, B) Write and mail the wedding weekend letter and map to the wedding party.

Month 6…Final countdown to the big day!!!

(G, B) Deliver wedding announcements, checks and pictures to the newspaper(s)

(G, B) Make a point to have all loose ends taken care of by the first week of this month.

(G, B) Buy marriage license.

(G, B) Give a final count to the reception management.

…Two to three days before the big day:

(G, B) Pack the precious things, including cake knife, goblets, napkins, cake tablecloths, checks, programs, going away clothes, etc.

(G, B) Pack for the honeymoon.

(Everyone) Be of good cheer at all times!!!

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